About Indiana Alliance

About Indiana Alliance

The Indiana Alliance supports policies that improve the lives of working Hoosiers. We fight for policies that raise wages and bring good-paying jobs to our state. We support education and policy initiatives that improve public schools, are equitable, and benefit all Hoosier children. The Alliance also advocates for better, more transparent, government.

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In Indiana, a public education is guaranteed by our state’s constitution. That guarantee means every child, no matter the zip code they’re born into, has the right to a world-class public education. That promise is not being met in Indiana. It…

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The Indiana economy isn’t working for all Hoosiers. The first and most obvious sign of this failure? Hoosiers’ incomes are ranked in the bottom third, nationally. While other states are seeing incomes recover and even grow beyond pre-Recession levels, Hoosiers’…

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It’s a bedrock principle of our democracy: Americans exercise their franchise and vote to elect representatives for local, state and federal offices. Voters choose their elected officials. But that’s not how it works. Politicians control the process to draw the…

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Join us in fighting for redistricting reform!

For years, politicians at the statehouse have been gathering behind closed doors to draw the legislative boundaries they run in, handpicking their voters and undermining the democratic process for political gain. It’s called gerrymandering and it’s got to end.


It's time to end gerrymandering in Indiana.

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